Maintenance is defined as: Activities required or undertaken to conserve as nearly, and as long, as possible the original condition of an asset or resource while compensating for normal wear and tear. “I want to spend more on my car”, said no one ever. Proper maintenance is the key to spending less and preserving that asset (your car) the longest. An automotive repair shop that has your best interest in mind while advising you on your car’s maintenance is priceless.

Your car is your families lifeline to make your family work. Think about it, what would you do without reliable transportation? This is why we love this business. We get the opportunity to serve our community in ways that are unparalleled in any other service. We could do without a lot of other things in life but reliable transportation isn’t one of them. We help you get your son to basketball practice, your daughter to her first recital. We help you get groceries and go back for those things you forgot. 🙂 We love this business because we get to play such an important role in our community.


Bumper to Bumper Digital Inspection

At Professional Automotive we know how important preventative maintenance is. It is the ultimate in poor service to not let you know the reliability and safety condition of your car each time you come in. That is why we partnered with Autovitals to help us deliver this valuable service.  Each time you bring your car in our trained ASE Certified Technicians will inspect your car from bumper to bumper. We will take notes and provide you with pictures so that you can see first hand what is needed now and what can wait til later. This digital inspection can be emailed to you or kept in our files for a later time. Need help? Call or Request an appointment today.


Want To Know More?

One of the biggest maintenance items a car sees is the timing belt replacement. This maintenance item isn’t required on all cars. The cars that do require this service will vary from manufacturer as far as when it should be replaced. Don’t know if or when your timing belt is due? Always check your owners manual first. You may also call us or click here to look up your car.