Take care of your Engine and Transmission and most models now a days will last for the long haul. Don’t hesitate to visit Professional Automotive at the first sign of Engine or Transmission trouble. One of our trained and ASE Certified Technicians will be able to determine what’s going on under the hood and get you some money saving options to consider. Whatever the problem you are experiencing, you can rest assured we will offer you the clearest of options with your best interest in mind. Need help? Call orĀ Request an appointment today.


When you maintain your Engine or Transmission the miles can reach well into the six figure range. How is it done you ask? By investing in regular maintenance inspections and services. To get your Engine and Transmission to perform at their peek and last a long time it is critical that you regularly perform the following:


  • Engine and Transmission oil changes: This is key. Fluids break down and loose their ability to lubricate and keep moving parts clean and cool causing premature damage. We are used to changing our engine oil but often neglect the fluid in our transmission. Although the service intervals and procedures are different both are great investments to create longevity in our cars.
  • Replace spark plugs according to the manufacturers specifications: The better a spark plug can do it’s job the better it will fire the fuel we need to power our cars. Each time a spark plug fires it removes a little more of the electrode causing it to require more voltage to fire the next time. Over time the voltage increase is pretty substantial and will cause poor performance. Simple translation, worn spark plugs cost you more in fuel costs.
  • Coolant fluid is another key component to keep serviced: The job of your engine coolant is many. Most think it just keeps your engine from over heating. While it does a great job at that it also keeps the cooling system from rotting from the inside out. As coolant gets used over time it looses the ability to keep corrosion at bay. If not properly serviced it will lead to premature failures of components like water pump seals, bearings, radiator hose failure, heater core corrosion resulting in poor heat, along with many other expensive repairs that could have been prevented with a much smaller investment.


When you take care of your car as a whole and keep up with all the recommended maintenance, your car will reward you with strong engine performance, longevity and fuel efficiency.