Free Brake Inspection

Our Free Brake Inspection Service provides you with quick and accurate answers from an ASE Certified Professional Automotive Technician. Are you hearing squeaks or feeling vibrations while you apply your brakes? Do your brakes seem like they take longer to stop than usual? Brakes are very important and you should listen to the early warning signs.  If you are experiencing these or other symptoms while braking, why not let us take a look and see what options are available for you. You might want to tackle it yourself or have one of our trained ASE Certified Technicians perform the repairs for you.

Complete Brake Inspection $31.50

There are times when pulling the wheels to look at brakes may not be enough and might require more than just a visual inspection. In this case a closer examination is required with a more detailed analysis. Sometimes brakes perform a certain way because a component has seized or has become restricted.  Today’s brakes are more complicated than ever and can involve complex electronics that will require diagnostics. No matter what the problem our technicians have the capability to dig deeper using the latest in manufacturer level diagnostic information and tools. After performing a complete inspection we will provide you with options to get you back on the road safely. Need help? Call or Request an appointment today.

Want To Know More?

Ever wonder how brakes work? Take a look at the video animations below.