Free Steering and Suspension Check

Our Free Steering and Suspension Check provides you with quick and accurate answers from a Professional Automotive Technician. Think your steering is off? Hearing noises in your suspension while driving? We offer a comprehensive front end steering and suspension check just for the asking. From the very beginning our trained service advisers will have you describe what kind of noises you are hearing. In some cases we will want to go with you on a short test drive to make sure we know exactly what you are talking about. After one of our ASE Certified technicians examines your car, we can offer suggestions on what to do next. Whatever the problem or the solution, our staff will always keep your best interest our first priority.

Alignments $89.95

There are times when a suspension or steering part may need replaced. Sometimes that results in your car needing an alignment when that repair is completed. Our trained technicians have at their disposal the industries leading alignment system. Cameras are used to digitally take live pictures of your cars tires and in real time get them to with in hundredths of an inch to the manufacturers specifications. Our system is very accurate and helps your tires last a long time. Most alignments start at $89.95. Need help? Call orĀ Request an appointment today.

Want To Know More?

There are many manufacturers of cars and with that there are many models and years. With each one the suspension and steering will vary to slight degrees. Below you can see a video animation to further explain how and why alignment is so important to the reliability of your car.