A/C not blowing as cold as it used to? Don’t sweat it. If your cars air conditioning system isn’t working like you think it should, you’ve come to the right place. Professional Automotive has ASE certified technicians that are very good at solving those kind of problems. Some common A/C problems our customers bring to us are:

  • No cold air or only hot air blowing out
  • Certain fan speeds don’t work
  • Strange noises in the dash when the A/C is turned on


Complete Air Conditioning System Diagnostics $39.95

When you bring your car into Professional Automotive and let our experienced and knowledgeable technicians diagnose why your A/C system is not working properly we will be able to figure out exactly why your car is is having the problem it is. We can tell if the problem is electrical or the system might just be a little low and need to be recharged. A/C problems can stem from leaks in various parts of the system, loose connections, or bad seals. Whatever the problem you can rest assured we will keep your best interest our top priority. Our Complete Air Conditioning System Diagnosis starts at $39.95. Need help? Call or Request an appointment today.


Want To Know More?

Ever wondered how the air conditioning system in your car works? Here is  a brief description of its operation. First you need a sealed system with a gas inside. The gas used is freon. The freon is pressurized by a compressor and sent through a series of tubes both inside and outside the car. It first will journey out of the compressor to the condenser which is located in the grill of the car. The cooling fan and the air movement while driving is used to remove the heat from the gas. The freon will continue to travel out of the condenser to a pressure reducing device. Since freon has a pressure and temperature relationship, the temperature of the freon reduces drastically. This cold freon now travels to the interior of the car and enters an evaporator. The fan will blow across this unit thereby blowing cold air inside the cabin of the vehicle. As the freon leaves the evaporator it heads back to the compressor to start the journey all over.


So Many Possibilities

The reasons for your A/C System to stop working are many. It could be as simple as low freon or a complicated computer control problem.  Below is a list of a few of the possible problems that could cause your A/C System not to work properly.

  • Too low or high freon charge
  • HVAC control head malfunction
  • Compressor internal problems
  • H-Valve restrictions or operation
  • Fan circuit or operation
  • Blend door operation
  • Ambient air temperature readings
  • Seals or gaskets leaking

These are just a few of the many causes and symptoms that would result in your A/C performance dropping below your expectations. We would love the opportunity to serve you. Call us or schedule today.