The Gift Card will expire after 24 months of purchase date or on the day the last oil change is used. Whichever comes first. The towing assistance and the ProAuto coupon must be used on or before that date. There is no cash value, no refunds will be given, no change or credit will be offered on unused benefits of the card. Each card will be assigned to a vehicle. The card stays with vehicle even if ownership changes. The card can’t be transferred to another vehicle. The card will be assigned to the vehicle upon it’s first use. If a circumstance arrives that causes the customer to request a refund on the purchase of the card, it must be done with in the first 30 days and before any of the benefits have been used. The card must be surrendered at the time of refund.

Oil Changes – This is a full service, full synthetic oil change. The oil changes offered are a $29.95 value. This includes our house oil (5w20 Full-Synthetic Oil), changing the oil filter, topping off the washer solvent, setting tire pressure, and a detailed digital vehicle inspection which will be made available to you. You may bring your own oil and filter if you have a preference that isn’t included. There maybe some circumstances that will require more than 5 qts of oil, an oil filter that costs us more than $2, or requires a special oil other than is included in the Gift Card. In that case the difference in price will be required to be paid. For example, Your vehicle may require 10 quarts of full synthetic oil and the average cost of the oil filter is $10. In this example, your oil change might normally cost $100. We would subtract the $29.95 (our normal oil change price and the value of the oil change you purchased with your card) from the $100 and that is what you would pay. Put another way, you would get a $29.95 discount off an oil change. The card will expire on the same date of the last oil change is used or 24 months after purchase, whichever comes first. Most cars will qualify for the oil change that is included. If you are curious or wonder if your vehicle will be covered, please call first before purchasing card.

$25 Discount – This is a coupon that maybe used on purchases. To receive the full $25 discount your purchase must be $250.00 or more. Or put another way you will receive a 10% discount off your purchases up to $25. It may not be used to receive a discount on oil changes, towing service, Batteries, or tires. It has a one time use and no change will be given. It must be used on or before the date of the last oil change or before the card expires, whichever occurs first.

$25 Towing Assistance – This can be used to have a vehicle towed to our shop only. You may use the $25 Towing Assistance to help offset the cost of the tow. It may not be used for any other reason than a tow. It can not be used for any other roadside assistance. It can’t be used to tow a car to any other location other than our shop. It can’t be used to help pay for a tow bill before the purchase date of the Gift Card. It may not be used to help pay a tow bill of a vehicle towed to another shop other than ours. It will be used as a credit. For example, if your tow bill is $75, you will only have to pay $50. It has a one time use and may only be used on the car it is registered to. It may not be transferred to another car. The benefit stays with vehicle even if sold to another owner. In order to receive the towing benefit it must be used on or before the date of the last oil change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I bring my own oil?

Yes, you may bring your own oil, filter or washer solvent that is included with your purchase of the card. The price remains the same and no credit or cash back will be given.

2. How many quarts does this include?

5 quarts. This will cover most cars. If your car requires more than 5 quarts there will be an additional charge based on the oil used.

3. What if I want to use a different oil?

Your purchase includes our house full-synthetic oil. If you prefer a different oil you may bring it with you or you can purchase it for an additional cost at the time of your appointment.

4. How do I schedule my appointment?

You may call and speak with Brandon who will help you pick the best day and time or you may schedule on line by visiting our website. then from the Home Page click on the “Need and Oil Change” button and you will be taken to our on line scheduling.

5. Will I get an inspection of my car while it is in for an oil change?

Yes. We will provide a very detailed inspection report for you. Brandon will make sure it gets emailed to you for your review and can also answer any questions you might have.

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