Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for a few fundraising ideas to help fund your organization? I would ask you to consider us. We have worked with a few organizations and have helped them raise thousands of dollars. We would like to speak with you to see how we might help you meet those ever increasing money demands for your group.
We offer a valuable product that includes 3 oil changes, a towing discount, and a $25 coupon to help save on car repairs. We ask you to sell this card for $30. Yes that’s right for only $30! This is a great value for the one buying it. No longer are the days when you sell over priced candles, candy bars for $5, or a coupon card to places you never go. Most people want to support their community but they also want something of value. We help to provide both. So what do you the fundraiser get? You get to keep all the money. You get to keep the whole amount you collect. In fact we even provide you with all the supplies at no cost. You actually keep 100% of all the money you raised, the buyer gets a great deal and we get to serve new customers while supporting our community. It’s a triple win.
If you’d like to receive more information on how we can partner, give us a call at 317-596-0898. We look forward to speaking with you.

*We reserve the right to support organizations at our discretion.