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Fuel System Cleaning Indianapolis

Hey Indianapolis. Castleton, and Fishers drivers, Today’s topic is Fuel. Fuel can leaves deposits as it circulates through your fuel system. It can cause big problems. Gum and varnish build up inside your car’s fuel lines, throttle body and the injectors. It’s like plaque that can build-up in our arteries – basically it can restrict the free flow of fuel and can even clog your engines fuel injectors.

Not only will the raw fuel leave it’s mark but carbon from combustion can accumulate on your valves, inside the combustion chamber, and on your pistons. Over time this will prevent proper mixing of fuel and air and can prevent your valves from sealing properly. This will definitely mean less power, rough running engines and a lot of wasted fuel – and will likely lead to expensive repairs over time.

Now you know the problem, well hears the cure. A fuel injector cleaning at Professional Automotive clears out all the junk from you fuel system and restores your injectors  to their normal working performance. This will restore power and improve fuel economy. Keeping your engine starting and running like new again.

If your engine seems sluggish and less responsive than it used to be, it might mean that you need a fuel system cleaning. We recommend having it done every 30,000 miles or so as preventive maintenance. Ask your friendly Professional Automotive service adviser if a fuel system cleaning is right for you.

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