Visual Blind Spots

When we drive in the Indianapolis, Castleton or Fishers area, we will encounter various blind spots. We can generally reduce those blind spots by making sure we adjust our side and rear view mirrors to give the best visual coverage possible. Make the adjustments to your car before you even start the engine.

First, be sure to adjust your rear view mirror giving the best possible view directly to the rear of your vehicle. Some of you may use it to get a better view of the sides of the car, your wonderfully behaved kids in the back seat or your bright smile, but let use it for its intended purpose. The rear view mirror should look to the rear of you vehicle.

Secondly, Keep in mind that your vehicles mirrors are used to to help eliminate visual blind spots. So as your adjusting the the passenger and driver side mirrors you will want them to be aimed at objects to your sides. When adjusting them, set them so that you barely see the side of your car. The up and down setting is also important. You will want to make sure that they are not pointing too high or too low. You should error on the side of being set lower than high. As long as you can see the top of the average car behind you that should be plenty. If set too high it will create a blind spot towards the rear bottom side of the lane next to you.

With your vehicles mirrors adjusted properly in this way, you’ll have maximum coverage. Of course driving in the Indianapolis, Castleton, or Fishers area is a highly fluid process – as you know things can change very fast. So be smart and take a quick look to the side when passing to make sure that another car hasn’t suddenly appeared into an area you couldn’t see in your mirrors.

As you drive in the Indianapolis, Castleton, or Fishers area, try to avoid being in other diver’s blind spots. You can’t always count on other drivers to be watching their mirrors and looking out for you. Always give larger vehicles the right of way. Be sure to pass them on the left whenever possible. A larger vehicles blind spot is on the right.

Pay attention and always be sure to wear your seat belts, and thank you for reading!

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