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Breathe Deep Indianapolis: Engine Air Filter

Deep Breathing In Indianapolis Engine Air Filter

Your vehicle’s engine really needs clean air to breathe efficiently: Believe it or not it takes about twelve thousand gallons of air to burn just one gallon of gas in your car’s engine. And clean air is much better than dirty.

When your car’s air filter is dirty, it simply can’t hold any more dirt, so the dirt just passes through into your car’s engine. From there it gets into the your engine’s combustion chamber. And burning dust and pollen in your engine as you drive around Indianapolis does you, your engine, or the environment any good.

Simply put: When your engine air filter needs to be replaced; it needs to be replaced.
How often it needs replaced depends entirely on how dirty the air is in Indianapolis where you drive. A simple visual inspection by a friendly Professional Automotive technician will tell you when you need a new engine air filter. We inspect these with every visit.

It is very similar to your furnace filter. When you see a dirty furnace air filter in your home and see it’s all clogged up with dust and dirt, you don’t hesitate to replace it.  Your car needs the same attention, don’t wait until your air filter (furnace or automobile) is totally plugged – by that time you’ve been running inefficiently. In your home it means you are breathing dirty air, in your car it means less fuel mileage and more money at the pump.

When your Professional Automotive service technician brings out your nasty engine air filter, you now know why you should go ahead and change it out.

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